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Santhosh santhoshsms545 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 06:39:12 PST 2018

Dear owner of http://www.tomcatexpert.com,

I'm the webmaster of https://www.xenderforpcis.com.

We came across your site http://www.tomcatexpert.com on the Internet 
and feel that it would fit
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We've already placed a link to your website along with a description
at our site on the  page,
which we encourage you to check for accuracy.

We'd appreciate it if you place a link back to our site using the
following HTML code (just copy and paste it into your links page):

<a href="https://www.xenderforpcis.com">Xender for PC Free download 
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On your page, the code will look like this:
Xender for PC Free download Windows XP 7/8/9/10

If you'd like the description of your site modified, the category
changed, or if you have any other cross-promotion ideas, feel free to
email us.

Please note that if you don't place a reciprocal link to us somewhere
on your site within a week, the link to your site will automatically
be removed from our directory. Please link to us using the code above,
and let us know where we can find the link.

Best regards,
santhoshsms545 at gmail.com

This is NOT SPAM -- this is a one-time reciprocal link request. We
have NO INTENTION to email you again. You can also reply to this email
with REMOVE in the subject line to make sure we'll NEVER send you any
more e-mails in the future.

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