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Adam Smith adam at searchimpression.com
Fri Mar 17 02:57:34 CDT 2017

Hi Tomcatexpert Team,

Hope this email brings you better business opportunities.

I am sure you are aware about recent Google updates and understand how it
impacts your website performance. This e-mail is not about negative reports
or feedback about your website rather a constructive opinion to improve
your current performance.

There are some major factors which must be taken into consideration while
moving into online competition. Please find below some of the major points:

- Technically sound website is given major consideration by Google.
- Proper selection and placement of keywords are important.
- Maximum engagement on Social Media sites.
- Unique Contents makes a website noticeable.
- Understand Competitors strategy before implementing any change.

These are some of the factors which search engines encourages every website
to pursue. If the above mentioned steps are performed on a website then 50%
of the promotion part are covered however there are many more in the list.

This e-mail provides you with a glimpse of information. If you want to know
more details about our service then kindly contact us over email or call
us. Given consent we would also like to provide you with detailed *Analysis

Waiting for your reply.

*Adam Smith*Site Analyst /Digital Marketing
Tel: USA (813) 708-8643
*Skype*: high.rank


Ps: If you do not want such emails ask us to “REMOVE”.
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