[Te-webmaster] Learning Time! The Cost of Dirty Data - June 12, 2013

Mary Firme - ReachForce hello at reachforce.com
Tue Jun 4 13:54:22 CDT 2013

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Hi Fellow Marketing Wizard, 

Join (me!) Mary Firme, Director of Marketing for ReachForce, as I present new research on the shocking cost of marketing data erosion 
, including ROI and cost calculation models. I built these for all of us to understand the strong financial reasons -- including annual marketing automation carrying costs assessed per record and how bad data destroys good lead email delivery. 

 <http://marketing.reachforce.com/Data-Quality-Best-Practices-The-Cost-Of-Dirty-Data-Webinar.html"><img src=>

This is for anyone who needs strong answers for "why do we need to spend money on data we already have" - and finally get buy-in and budget to make critical improvements to drive increased lead flows and 
marketing revenues.

Register now for The Cost of Dirty Data - Cost Calculations to Drive 
Better Decisions 
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013
 Time: Starts 2 p.m. Eastern / 1 p.m. Central / 11 a.m. Pacific (or after June 15 on demand)

I really hope you can make it!

Mary Firme
ReachForce | Connected Marketing Data Cloud
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