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Keyword Domains domains at dailysoldlist.com
Wed Mar 28 05:30:24 CDT 2012

If you see any domains you like please reply back "SOLD" along with the domain names you want. The
domains will be awarded to the first person who replies SOLD.

We have the lowest prices in the domain industry.  Many of these domains can be resold for thousands
of dollars!  You can also develop these domains and make a nice monthly residual income.

This is not an auction.  These are Buy It Now prices.   Reply with SOLD and we will follow up with
payment details and transfer details promptly.

RoachesInHouse.com $99.00
(880 exact monthly searches, $5.00 CPC)

LaborLawyersFlorida.com $125.00
(great geo, $5.47 CPC)

TinaWallman.com $149.00
(3,600 exact monthly searches, famous model)

WebcamVideoConferencing.com $89.00
(high resale value, $17.85 CPC)

510AreaCode.com $249.00
(27,100 exact monthly searches)

ExterminatingRoaches.com $99.00
(brandable extermination domain, $12.59 CPC)

LandForSaleInAlaska.com $125.00
(1,000 exact monthly searches)

CustomEcommerceWebsiteDesign.com $149.00
(high resale value, $12.96 CPC)

AnnalynnMcCord.com $125.00
(famous actress, 2,400 exact monthly searches)

DermatologistInHoustonTX.com $149.00
(1,300 exact monthly searches, $2.66 CPC)

HealthInsuranceInKY.com $99.00
(great geo insurance domain, $10.83 CPC)

BrookeSorenson.com $125.00
(1,300 exact monthly searches, former NFL cheerleader)

FamilyLawyerInLosAngeles.com $149.00
(great legal geo, $18.40 CPC)

WhatShouldIBe.com $99.00
(brandable, perfect for career site, 590 exact monthly searches)

IsAnybody.com $199.00
(brandable phrase, 12,100 exact monthly searches)

BuyingContacts.com $149.00
(brandable domain, multiple uses, $5.17 CPC)

UsedCarsSyracuseNY.com $125.00
(1,600 exact monthly searches, $2.56 CPC)

AffordableWebsiteDesignServices.com $125.00
(great web design domain, $6.58 CPC)

OnlineGamesToPlayForFree.com $149.00
(2,900 exact monthly searches)

IWantToBeLoved.com $99.00
(brandable domain with 1,000 exact monthly searches)

HowToCutCalories.com $99.00
(brandable dieting domain)

LiliaLuciano.com $149.00
(3,600 exact monthly searches, famous journalist)

HeatingSystemsForHomes.com $99.00
(720 exact monthly searches, $6.28 CPC)

BestCarpetStainRemover.com $125.00
(720 exact monthly searches, $2.67 CPC)

DoctorsInWashingtonDC.com $125.00
(great geo with searches)

1040 Hosbrook Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

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