[Te-webmaster] Tomat 7.0.27 and Tomcat 7.0.34

Uday Kumar uday.cheera at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 04:07:49 CST 2012

Hi ,


1. My Application was in Windows 2008 server R2 with Tomcat-7 as a service
and MySql database.

2. My application has an active directory configuration, for multiple users
on particular domain based.

3. So the corresponding domain user had ex:- Windows-7 operating system,
then the user was take the url of app in Windows Server 2008 R2 Ex [image:

4. Active directory user was accessed the application using URL (

5. Active directory user operating system was ex:- Windows-7 now user going
to upload the files from ex:-windows-7 to data base , Data base was(MySql)
was installed in Windows server 2008 R2, the package installed location and
MySql data base installed location is same.

6. When an Active directory user is going to upload the files from user
system(ex:-Windows-7-32-bit) to database , the database location

7. Application had a active directory user configuration, by using this
active directory user accessed application through URL in his

Now The Issue is :-

When an active directory user was going to upload the files from his system
(ex:-windows-7) to database.
It shows an error called Files path does not exist .

In this i am using Web server Tomcat -7.0.27 installed in Windows -Server
-R2 2008 as a service and JDK-6,

I run the tomcat-7.0.27 as service in Windows-server 2008 R2, and i tried
lates version 7.0.34 as well.

If i stop the tomcat 7.0.27 service then i start tomcat as manually, when i
click ex:- startup.bat

File uploding is successfully from active directory user(windows-7) to
windows server 2008 R2 , MySql database.

How Should i take this uploading process working on a Tomcat service

Other wise is there any alternative please suggest me!!

Thank & Regards,
*Uday Kumar C*
Software Engineer
Tel:        +91 40 668 789 34
Mobile: +91- 95 334 497 84
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