[Te-webmaster] It's impossible to post a comment.

Bartłomiej Mocior bartlomiejmocior at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 06:53:34 CST 2011

Hi, I've tried to post a comment on one of the articles on your site, but
got this error message. I've never posted any message on tomcatexpert, so I
can't be blocked because of potential span. What is more, I've tried to post
from the other IP address and I got the same result.

Also isn't my external IP so I think you have someting wrong
in your web app.

*You are currently not allowed to post content to TomcatExpert, as previous
content posted by your IP address ( has been flagged as
potential spam.*

*If you have not posted spam to TomcatExpert, please report this error along
with your IP address to a site administrator. We apologize for any

Bartłomiej Mocior
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