[Te-webmaster] FW: Request for tomcat assistance

Bob Spreitzer bspreitzer at jobcost.com
Tue Dec 27 16:48:36 CST 2011

Hi Webmaster,

About 2 weeks ago I posted the following Title and Text to your Ask an Expert area, probably not the right place!

Can you either forward this to the right place or tell me how to pursue hiring an expert to resolve this problem we are having?

I'll do all the actual work, or provide eyes on access if required.  I just need a tomcat/warfile/deployment expert, probably 1 to 4 billable hours, to give me guidance!  I'll be glad to provide additional information if requested.

My account at tomcatexpert.com is it_jobcost.com

Thank you

Bob Spreitzer

Job Cost, Inc.


Apache/Tomcat 5.5 - Need someone who has good understanding of deploying war file/configuring context.xml


Current Products Installed - Windows 2008 SBS, Oracle 11d, Apache/Tomcat 5.5

3rd Party vendor came in, installed their package and it has been working for 8 months now, no installation notes available.

They sent an update which we are installing on a test backup server - this update patched Oracle Database schema, and put out an app.war file. I undeployed the old app and deployed the new one. It looks like it was successful but it is not, the application comes up and asks for username and password but says they are not valid, so I'm deducing that the database connector is incorrect.

I believe the issue has to do with the Tomcat Manager Deployment process. Either the web.xml and/or the context.xml needs close examination. If I could find out how the values in the live setup were specified in the original "deployment" or understand how to retrieve these values from the live system, then using the test system, put these values in the appropriate context.xml (seems like there is a hierarchical process of override). We are interested in working with someone technically competent in this process. Please contact us to discuss what kind of arrangement we can make to get this resolved quickly.

Bob Spreitzer
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208 North Washington Street
Naperville, IL  60540
630-355-8188 (Office)
630-355-8675 (Fax)
it at jobcost.com<mailto:it at jobcost.com> (Job Cost, Inc. IT Help Desk)

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