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Hi all,

We have reviewed the information we have on the server and right now what we think is somehow there was an accidental posting. Whether one of the contributors went in to their account and accidentally posted, or when we were posting a question (different admin area) somehow the records got mixed, we are unsure. Unfortunately logs don't go back that far and many of them are cached from the server, so it appears everything is coming from the same place. Regardless - it looks like an accident since it was just one post. Spam attacks would likely have a whole lot more.

Accidents, just like SPAM are not good - so we're going to lock down the creation and publication of posts. In reality, this will not change how any of the posts today work. Contributors will be able to create blog posts, but not publish. General authenticated users will not be able to do either - and the red buttons advertising it on the site will reflect this. Only content Admins (myself, Chloe and Linda) will be able to actually post anything for now. Additional contributors can be added and likewise for content admins if necessary, but to date - this new security arrangement fits the pattern of every way we have ever actually posted - the only drawback is we look less open on the community front to add experts - but since we have yet to get even one with merit, this is a better approach for now, and obviates the need to dig any deeper into a blame game. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,
On 9 Mar, 2012, at 13:54 PM, Stacey Schneider wrote:

> Hi all,
> Two hours ago someone was able to get into our site and publish a post on the front page about colleges. Fortunately, some of our more PG spam, but obviously not good. Spam has been a problem for us, and has been taking time weekly to manage - but until today, very few besides an occasional comment has gotten out or through the RSS feeds.  I have contacted Linda to talk about the options - she will look into it tonight, we are going to need to do something to prevent this from happening again quickly.  
> In the meantime, I am asking contributors to at least change your passwords. 
> This especially stinks since I put the shout out on socialcast last night for contributions, so the whole company is looking at the site today.  Good news is the site definitely gets attention - and I've gotten 5 or 6 offers for new content. :)
> I will keep you posted on what we figure out.
> Thanks,
> -Stacey
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