[Security-announce] VMSA-2010-0012 VMware vCenter Update Manager fix for Jetty Web server addresses important security vulnerabilities

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Mon Jul 19 09:21:36 PDT 2010

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                   VMware Security Advisory

Advisory ID:       VMSA-2010-0012
Synopsis:          VMware vCenter Update Manager fix for Jetty Web
                   server addresses important security vulnerabilities
Issue date:        2010-07-19
Updated on:        2010-07-19 (initial release of advisory)
CVE numbers:       CVE-2009-1523 CVE-2009-1524
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1. Summary

    VMware vCenter Update Manager fix for Jetty Web server addresses
    important security vulnerabilities.

2. Relevant releases

    VMware vCenter Update Manager 1.0
    VMware vCenter Update Manager 4.0
    VMware vCenter Update Manager 4.1

3. Problem Description

 a. VMware vCenter Update Manager Jetty Web server vulnerabilities

    VMware vCenter Update Manager is an automated patch management
    solution for VMware ESX hosts and Microsoft virtual machines. Update
    Manager embeds the Jetty Web server which is a third party

    The default version of the Jetty Web server in Update Manager is
    version 6.1.6 for which the following relevant vulnerabilities are

    A directory traversal vulnerability in Jetty allows for obtaining
    files from the system where Update Manager is installed by a remote,
    unauthenticated attacker. The attacker would need to be on the same
    network as the system where Update Manager is installed.

    A cross-site scripting vulnerability in Jetty allows for running
    JavaScript in the browser of the user who clicks a URL containing a
    malicious request to Update Manager. For an attack to be successful
    the attacker would need to lure the user into clicking the malicious

    The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has
    assigned the names CVE-2009-1523 and CVE-2009-1524 to these issues.

    VMware would like to thank Claudio Criscione of Secure Network for
    reporting these issues to us.

    Column 4 of the following table lists the action required to
    remediate the vulnerabilities in each release, if a solution is

    VMware           Product  Running  Replace with/
    Product          Version  on       Apply Patch
    ==============   =======  =======  =================
    Update Manager       1.0  Windows  Update Manager fix for Jetty *
    Update Manager       4.0  Windows  Update Manager fix for Jetty *
    Update Manager       4.1  Windows  Update Manager fix for Jetty *

    * Refer to VMware Knowledge Base article 1023962

4. Solution

   Please review the patch/release notes for your product and version
   and verify the md5sum of your downloaded file.

   VMware vCenter Update Manager
   Update Manager fix for Jetty

5. References

   CVE numbers

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6. Change log

2010-07-19  VMSA-2010-0012
Initial security advisory after release of VMware vCenter Update Manager
security fix for the Jetty Web server on 2010-07-19.

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